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Judge a man by his questions, not his answers

11 Jan

10. Excusez moi!

Why do we encourage people to stifle their views today? If you have a thought, speak up, speak out, and stand out. In a time of tolerance, any word of dissent with the accepted value or idea of the day produces a tumultuous reception. "Why are you so intolerant of my view?" Well, I could ask you the same question. Why must you insist upon degrading my assertion when all I have said is that I don’t agree with your’s?

To be at peace, we need not be tolerant of everything; we must look past ourselves and realize that we are not some high and mighty person that has been assigned the arduous task of condemning those who dissent with our upbringing. We do not have the final say. Why do we act like we do?

Pride. It’s that simple. If anyone can find fault with our logic or our understanding of something, we automatically jump to the conclusion that they are accusing us of being flawed, not our argument. We just can’t accept that if someone says, “I disagree,” they doesn’t necessarily they are saying, “You are wrong!”

Sometimes, we need not be so quick to defend ourselves. Sometimes, we need to listen before finding the anomalies or ill-founded points in another person’s interpretation. Sometimes, we need to recognize that we have two ears and one mouth.

Are you really listening? Because if you aren’t, then your speech means nothing. Conversation: (n) communication between two or more people. Are you really communicating, or simply arguing?

Spite is a power emotion. But so is compassion. You choose which you’ll use.

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